Feb 4, 2010

Whatever Happened to: Manuel Manchado

Back in May of 2008 at the Spanish Nationals, 5'6" Manuel Manchado won the heavyweight class and then the overall title to earn his IFBB pro card.

A week later at the 2008 IFBB European Championships in Playa d’Aro, Manuel was again the overall champ:

So what happened to this 220lb 38 year old new pro who has yet to make his debut in the IFBB? Well, this one I know (according to this post over at Milos Sarcev's forum:

"Manuel Manchado Lopez and six co-conspirators to two years in prison for steroid trafficking as part of “Operation Mazas”. Manchado was one of four defendants given the option of avoiding prison by paying a fine of €5,760 euros for his “crimes against public health”...

Manuel Manchado was arrested for marketing and distributing anabolic steroids as an employee of the Spanish supplement company Steromax España SL. Steromax illegally manufactured various anabolic steroid products which were sold by Manchado via his Fitness Center in Leganés (Madrid), supplement store and an internet website."

Let's hope he can rebound from this unfortunate situation because Manuel could really make it big as a pro!!!


Anonymous said...

Another of bodybuilding's unsung stars who succumbed to steroid trafficking? It's too trite to be sad any longer. And at 38, I wouldn't be surprised if Manchado had blown his chances to be a true "champion." I wouldn't want a convicted drug pusher to be a poster boy for the already sketchy image competitive bodybuilding has.

Danny said...

As long as they look this good, I don't really care what they use.

jockboy said...

danny's got it right ;) the fucker is hot.