Feb 8, 2010

Roelly Winklaar: The Future Mr. O?

Last year's Arnold Amateur overall champ Roelly Winklaar from the Netherlands will make his pro debut at the 2010 Arnold Classic, here he is with 4 weeks to go:

Can we say Mr. Olympia at some point in the future? And if I were the marketing people at D&G, I'd be hiring Roelly to sell my underwear!


Danny said...

I kept imagining the scent of those undies after workout.

jockboy said...

damn, can u imagine how good those undies smell? if u were looking for hot bodybuilder sweat, Roelly is it. awesome massive body, great package, big muscle ass ready for a hot tongue, and he sweats like a fuckin pig. i want it.

JayJay said...
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