Feb 5, 2010

Daz Ball: Ripped at Ripped Gym

British super heavyweight Daz Ball participated in a MuscleTalk members photo shoot at Ripped Gym in Harlow last weekend.

Daz, who just turned 30 on January 26th, placed a surprising 3rd at the UKBFF British Championships last October. Though currently in off season mode Daz looks amazing, with incredible vascularity, just take a look at his legs!


Anonymous said...

holy fuck thanks for posting those pics

jockboy said...

all i can say is jesusfuckingchrist!!!!!

this is one of THE best posts EVAH on this site!

Dax is not only a beast, but he's handsome and sexy as all hell, and is intensely masculine in the Branch Warren mode!

i think i am fucking in love LOL

please post MORE of this guy if u can...he deserves it ;)

the youtube vids mmmmm that massive body in those bulging briefs and that big beautiful muscle ass!!

mjh2008 said...

I've updated the post with a photo of Daz I originally intended to include but somehow missed!