Feb 1, 2010

Brian May: Jersey Tats

Another featured 'builder over at Muscle Ink is 25 year old Brian May from Pompton Plains in Jersey (and the last of my featured tattooed guys - for the time being at least):

After winning the light heavies and the overall at the 2009 New Jersey Suburban Championships last April, Brian placed 4th in the class at the 2009 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States in June (heavyweight Jonathan Delarosa won the whole shebang).

And in the following clip we follow Brian as he trains for the 2008 "Mr. New Jersey" competition (though I'm not sure how he placed that year):


jockboy said...

if this is the last tatt guy for awhile, it's a great finish.

dude is hardcore masculine and obsessed by bobdybuilding and muscle....what can be hotter?

the tatts look great on him....what a fucking babe! love it when he leaves the hot girl alone in the bed because all that matters is the MUSCLE. yeah, that's hubris.

one sexy fuckin STUD.

Anonymous said...

Just bear in mind the gods punish mortals for the sin of hubris.