Feb 2, 2010

Antonio Morales: A Spanish Request

Antonio Morales, the Spanish heavyweight from Alicante who'll turn 34 at the end of this month, has been training since he was 17, but didn't make his competitive debut until he was 21 at the Murcia's Regional Championship in 1997. He placed 3rd in the less than 80kgs (176lbs) class.

At the 2006 IFBB World Championships in Ostrava, Czech Republic that October he placed 3rd as a light heavy behind Lukas Osladil and Ali Tabrizi (who took the overall).

In May of 2007, competing as a heavyweight, he placed 6th at the European Amateur Championships, but that October at the 61st World Amateur Championships in Jeju, South Korea he fell to 13th when he dropped down to the ligh heavy class.

In 2008 Antonio placed 5th in the heavyweight class at the European Championships in Playa d'Aro (fellow Spaniards Rafael Barrios took 3rd and Manuel Manchado won the class and then the overall).

He can now be found at MuscleGallery:


jockboy said...

ok, now i think we need more latin! damn, this dude is hot as fuck! and tatts, too? whoa, baby!!

Anonymous said...

Check out the last photo...OMG...dude knows how to fill a pair of pants......

Anonymous said...

Just OK. His chest development has an odd saggy look to it