Feb 27, 2010

Alessandro Zuccaro: Arnold Amateur

Competing again as a welterweight in Columbus, Alessandro "Alex" Zuccaro, placed 3rd in the class last year. The 5'3" 35 year old from Pallanza, Italy had a good 2009 winning "la Notte dei Campioni," the Italian Night of Champions held in Sanremo:

Alex was also the winner of the 75kgs class at the Trofeo 2 Torri (but lost the overall to Alessandro Savi, or so I believe):

Alex has his own Facebook Fan Page and a website (which stopped my computer dead however so I wouldn't recommend visiting the latter)

And finally here's Alex back towards the beginning of February, about 3 weeks out from the Arnold:


dallasmsl said...

5'3" - A pocketful of Symmetry. He looks tremendous.

vito said...