Jan 30, 2010

Whatever Happen to: David Dahan

The 29 year old, 5'5" cat-loving Frenchman David Dahan last competed at the 2009 Top de Colmar last April where he won the overall title. He appeared at the 2009 Ripert Body Show and then got married at the end of May. He has since disappeared from the bodybuilding scene, and even removed his extensive set of videos from YouTube.

The 3-time French under 21 Junior champion (1999, 2000, 2001), 2001 World Junior Champion and Junior Mr Universe, and both the European and World champion in 2003. He entered the NABBA Mr. Universe in 2004 (he was 2nd), 2007 (3rd) and then 2008 (8th). At the 2009 Heracles Grand Prix he came 3rd in in the 85kgs class:

Dahan has a great physique and would certainly do well in the 202 division, let's hope he's in a happily married 'building" phase and competes again in 2010!


Anonymous said...

Now that is some serious conditioning. Great size and shape and no belly bloat.

jockboy said...

whoa!! this dude is jacked!

hey, now thatt we've had some bodybuilders with tatts, let's get even more who wear glasses like derek...fucking hot!!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he gets back into the scene soon. His wife may not want to share him with bodybuilding and his fans. Thast wouldbe a rwal shame!!