Jan 13, 2010

Whatever Happen to: Chris Cook

Chris Cook earned his pro card at the 2004 NPC National Championships when he placed first in the super heavy class. Earlier that year at the NPC USA he also won his class, but the two pro cards were awarded to Mark Dugdale and Will Harris.

The 5'10" Alaskan, a former Mr. Anchorage, last competed at the 2006 San Francisco Pro. He placed 12th. This was only his fifth pro show having competed at both the Iron Man (10th) and Arnold (15th) earlier that year, and the Toronto (10th) and New York (his IFBB debut where he placed 6th) pro shows in 2005.

Known as The Blonde Bomber, Chris went from a 216lb heavyweight at the 2000 Nationals, to a 250lb (or so) super heavy in 2004. Still being a tall, long limbed bodybuilder it never seemed to me that Chris really filled out his physique, he always sort of seemed like a young Cutler, but one who hadn't been able to add enough mass to properly stand out (and his pro standings seem to reflect this).