Jan 12, 2010

Melvin Anthony: Best Poser

Marvelous Melvin Anthony, the 5'8" 36 year old from West Hills here in California, last competed at the Olympia last year where he placed 11th, his 7th time at the "big show."

I was "challenged" by one commentor last week that many of the guys I blogged about had "truly impressive physique[s]" but "like all the men you've shown us, none can pose to save they're lives. They barely hit the pose and they're on to the next! Enough with the mass monsters and the bigger is better! A little showmen ship would go a long, long way." So I thought why not bring you Melvin, both size and showmanship in one complete package! He has been awarded numerous "Best Poser" titles, including the 2008 Arnold Classic (first clip below), the 2006 Arnold, 2005 Arnold and the Vince Gironda Posing Award at the 2005 Ironman. Accordingly below are three of his great routines!!!

Melvin came in 4th at the 2008 Arnold Classic, weighing in at 240lbs:

His 2007 Phantom of the Opera routine:

And body popping onstage back in 2006:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you actually read your comments section. That commenter was me. And thanks for these videos. Now that's what I'm talking about. They spend all of this time working on their bodies, take a moment and show it off like Melvin. Thanks again. Great blog!

jockboy said...

these vids definitely make the case for melvin being one of the greatest bbing posers of all time! fuck, that guy can MOVE!

it's one thing to have a great, impressive body, but to highlight it like this....damn! talk about bringing personality, charisma, and sex to the stage!

wonder if melvin ever did any work as an exotic dancer or stripper? because he could bring in the crowds....he's awesome at moving and shaking that hot ass! he is one sexy muthafucka!