Jan 7, 2010

Martin Kasal: Czech

5'10" 38 year old Martin Kasal from the Czech Republic won the 2009 NABBA Amatuer Mr. Universe title held in England at The Southport Theatre on October 24, 2009. And this was just a week after his win at the 2009 Vitalmax Czech Open:

In 2006 Kasal placed third in the heavies (behind Robert Piotrkowicz) at the World Amateur Championships, 2nd at the 2007 Vitalmax and then won that year's Medium-Tall class at the NABBA World Championships. Earlier in his career he also came first at the Bohemian, North Bohemian and German championships.

Here he is pre contest conditioning weighing in at 232lbs in 2006 and then at 260lbs in 2007:

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jockboy said...

what a great muscle daddy! love this guy's thick neck and traps and veiny body....big and thick and hard. awesome when a big muscle stud shows off his striated glutes -- especially when his ass is so damn good. so fuckin awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'd let him fuck me right on the bench in the gym and beg him to breed me.

Anonymous said...

Take a good look at that first video....well muscled, very hung animal.....WOW

Anonymous said...

Some big white guys just have everything: size, strength, and looks.

Cochinolo said...

The older they are, the hotter they become. Too bad the videos are gone.