Jan 25, 2010

Lee Priest: Facial Tattoo

In a February 2004 Getbig.com interview with Lee by Ron Avidan, when asked back then how many tattoos he had, the answer was simple:

"Three. One of them is a Superman with flames with the letters NHRA. The other one is a NASCAR tatooo. The one on the back is the California Speedway logo with my name in middle, just Priest, so when I get Alhiezer's, I will know who I am. The first tattoo I ever got, Chris Cormier took me to the tattoo shop back in 1997 with Sean Davies, that's where I got the Superman. I said then I will never got another one. That was it, but I think once you get one, you get attached. Then I saw someone that had flames going up his forearms, and I said flames look good. Hmm."

The the 2006 Iron Man 5'4" Lee, then 33 years old, won the show, the Vince Gironda Posing Award and the online fan poll:

And then less than a month later at the Arnold Classic where he placed 6th, :

As you can see the neck and forearm tattoos were already there, but the somewhat controversial facial tat came a little later that year:

While the full back tat started in January 2007 and was gradually filled in that year:


jockboy said...

although i usually like big, tall, massive, freaky bodybuilders, i make an exception with Lee Priest.

just something about the guy that is so fucking hot. even his tatts are hot because they say FUCK YOU to the rest of the world.

love the body, love the attitude and swag, love the nasty fuckin mouth on him, love it that he's
str8 but appreciates a guy wanting to suck his cock.

Lee bones me up every time...so sexy.

and thanks for all the tatt guys -- ur on a roll ;)

Anonymous said...

"love it that he's
str8 but appreciates a guy wanting to suck his cock."

how do you know that?

j4ckb1ng said...

"How do you know that?"

Good point. It's the usual projection and wishful thinking on the part of the original poster.

To me, Priest is an example of a handsome bodybuilder who has done everything to deface that attractiveness.

jockboy said...

i never said lee priest LETS a guy suck his cock. i meant that he's cool with having gay fans.

anyone who's read his columns or his forum on MD knows that Lee is more than aware that males lust after him.

there's no projection and no wishful thinking here. i know that Priest is str8 and loves women.

but i still think he's fucking sexy.