Jan 14, 2010

Kevin Levrone: Another Poser

Another of my particular favourite posers Kevin Levrone! Maybe not as flashy and stylized routines as Melvin's but classic and thoughtful, that really enable the audience (and the judges) to view the muscle. He really should have one the O!

Here's Kevin from the 2002 Olympia (where he was the runner up):

At British Grand Prix in 1999 (he was 3rd):

At the 1998 Olympia (4th):

And the 1996 Arnold (which he won):


Anonymous said...

I still do, and always will remember Kevin for the bulge in those posers. Great googily moogily.

Anonymous said...

Kevin wasn't a flashy poser, but he didn't need to be -- his power, strength, masculinity, and charisma did it all for him.

Of course, the BODY was perfection.

Kevin was fucked out of the Olympia title too many times. The man should've won multiple Olympias, he was so incredible.

No matter what year, shaved head or no, Kevin was one beautiful creature from head to toe... handsome as all hell, with an unsurpassed physical and sexual presence.

And who had a bigger bulge onstage than Kevin Levrone? If you could stop looking at the body, you could not miss the biggest, thickest bulge in bodybuilding posing -- and Kevin worked that huge cock bulge for the cameras and the crowd. Holy FUCK, what a hot stud and musclegod!!!

jockboy said...

on my KNEES for levrone!!!

and yeah, i wouldn't waste a drop!