Jan 16, 2010

Kai Greene: The Future of Posing

When Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger handed Kai Greene the 2009 Arnold Classic trophy he said to the 5'8" 34 year old from Brooklyn "I told you backstage that you are the best poser I ever saw," and this coming from a bodybuilding legend, speaks volumes:

Since turning pro at the 2004 Team Universe Championships, has won four IFBB contests since his 2005 New York Pro debut (where he placed 14th), including the 2009 Arnold (which I mentioned above) and the 2009 Australian Grand Prix, and then placed an almighty 4th in his Olympia debut also in 2009.

With the combination of an increasingly awesome physique, as well as amazing posing routines, such as the following 2007 Keystone Classic performance where he posed to Michael Jackson "Dirty Diana," Kai is steadily and quickly climbing the pro ranks:

Guest posing at the 2009 NPC Eastern USA and then his 2008 Arnold Classic routine (he came in 3rd):


jockboy said...

Kai is one MASSIVE motherfucker! christ, whatta body on this brother!!! he's a GOD on the stage,and one of the best and sexiest posers ever.

the dirty diana clip should get multiple viewings -- one just for the back, one just for that incredible muscle ass, one for the strong, hot posing, and one for that huge cock in those posers.

no pussy stays dry when Kai poses, and plenty of cocks get hard ;)

Danny said...

no pussy stays dry when Kai poses, and plenty of cocks get hard - SO true! haha, jockboy your comments are brutal

jockboy said...

danny boy, if ur lookin for brutal comments, i'll do you good ;)

besides, a fuckin STUD like Kai brings it out in me. muscle beasts rule, don't they???