Jan 11, 2010

Branch Warren: 2003 to 2009

Well, it looks like you readers agreed with me that Mr. Olympia runner up, the 34 year old 245lb Texan, Branch Warren, was 2009 top bodybuilder. Narrowly beating out Brazilian Eduardo Correa into second place (by just 2%) and pushing the reigning Mr. O, Jay Cutler, to third.

To celebrate our agreement, and this blog's 500th entry (!!!) I thought some comparison shots of Branch before he even made his pro debut (at 2004's Night of Champions) with some of the most recent images of him from 2009 (mostly from the Olympia). What a fraking difference 5 years makes!!!

Branch's IFBB Pro Contest History:

Night of Champions - 8th
GNC Show of Strength Pro - 4th

Europa Supershow - 1st
Charlotte Pro 1st
Olympia - 8th

Arnold Classic - 2nd
San Francisco Pro - 2nd
Grand Prix Australia - 5th
Olympia - 12th

Arnold Classic - 7th
New York Pro - 1st
Keystone Pro Classic - 4th
Colorado Pro - 7th

Arnold Classic - 4th

Arnold Classic - 3rd
Olympia - 2nd

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jockboy said...

wow...thanks for the EXCELLENT job with the comparison shots! u really outdid urself here, and it's awesome to see.

the best thing is that Branch looked great then and still looks great now -- even though he's an entirely different bodybuilder.

Branch Warren was always perfection -- always a freak and a beast and a perfect Musclegod.

Is there a more beautiful animal out there in bodybuilding?

Anonymous said...

Think he also looks more bad-ass now then he dis then...really perfection, a true "Musclegod". Agree great job on the comparison shots...thanks for all your efforts.

Danny said...

I absolutely adore his entire body, from head to toe, but I really prefer his current beefy muscle daddy look.

Anonymous said...

Branch the younger is the best. Hands down.

He, like all current bodybuilders have these big, blocky physiques. If you really look at the comparisons, other than more definition (and some general mass) the only thing that got bigger was his waist.

jockboy said...

we can disagree about which era was better for Branch, but let's face it -- he's always been an object of worship and desire.

and yeah, he is definitely more bad ass now -- which makes him even hotter and sexier. something so dangerous and tough about him, and he knows he makes every pussy wet and every cock hard. he could bottle his sweat and sell it.

just let me get lost between those massive quads one time.

Anonymous said...

all branch all the time.

he is a sex god.

Anonymous said...

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Robert said...

It's so sad Branch never became Mr.Olympia. But, who knows. Maybe he still can!