Dec 17, 2009

Day 8: James "Flex" Lewis

Welshman "Flex" guested posed at the UK's BodyPower Expo in May, showing off his precontest conditioning a few months before his win at the Atlantic City Pro in September:

Flex actually guest posed and made appearances all over the place this year including the UKBFF Mr Scotland, the LA Fit Expo, 2009 Tanji Johnson Fitness and Figure Championships, NPC Southern States and Colorado Axis Labs Natural (below):

Flew slipped a little at the Olympia, falling to 5th (he was 3rd in 2008), but it was a very tough class and he was the youngest in it. Flex was a very bright future in the sport!


Anonymous said...

Could this guy be any more beautiful?? The perfect Christmas gift!!!!

jockboy said...

yeah, he is gorgeous, even though i prefer him in off season mode.

Danny said...

that's right jockboy. off season is my favorite season :D

mjh2008 said...

Off or in... it's ALL good!

Anonymous said...

he is a sex god with a cute accent and AMAZING glutes.

hot hot hot.