Dec 18, 2009

Day 7: Phil Heath

"The Gift" only competed in one contest this year, the Olympia, placing a disappointing 5th after contracting a stomach bug prior to prejudging. Though he did manage to rebound a little the next night during the finals, sadly there was just too much ground to make up.

Though Phil took a year off to prepare for the 2009 Olympia, the 5'9" 30 year old (it's his birthday today actually) had a full year of appearances and guest posing. Among his many "trips" Phil guest posed in Long Island, Warrington and Pittsburg in May. He was in Jacksonville for the Dexter Jackson Classic the end of July. And after the Olympia he manned the MET-Rx booth at the Body Xtreme Expo in Germany, went to the San Fran Championships, The Paradise Cup in Hawaii, the East Coast Championships in Jersey, and even spent time in Poland.

Here is Phil guest posing in Jacksonville:

Guest posing 10 weeks out from the Olympia at the 2009 Colorado State:

At the San Francisco Championships a few weeks after the Olympia:

And then at the 2009 Olympia, both prejudging and then his final's routine:


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jockboy said...

yeah, phil is good, for sure. sexxxxy ass motherfucker

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Yeah, Phil is immense and immensely sexy...but...SIGH!..can't he show us what he hides between those oak tree thighs of his?!