Dec 19, 2009

Day 6: Jose Raymond

Does hair maketh a man? Or at least, does hair maketh a top pro bodybuilder? In September 2009 former middleweight competitor Jose Raymond made a huge splash in the 202 class when he placed second at the Atlantic City Pro!

Earlier in the year Jose, 5'7" 34 years old, was seeming to just scrap into the top ten placing 8th at the New York Pro and then 9th at the Europa. But then he got a snazzy new hair cut and BOOM! Some even thought he should have beaten Flex Lewis in Atlantic City, and then the next month at his first Olympia he earned 6th in a really tough competition.

But let let's go back earlier in the year and here is Jose just before the New York Pro back in May:

Looking bigger, harder and more shredded at the Europa in August:

And then at the Olympia itself:

With some of the best quads in the business and great conditioning, if he cane just bring up his chest, then 2010 could be Jose's year!


Anonymous said...

great Bb!!

jockboy said...

dayum, Jose looks goooooood! this is what we call a fucking hot little hump! dude gets sexier all the time.

mmmmmm mmmmmm good!