Dec 20, 2009

Day 5: Alexey Lesukov

Whether it's Aleksei, Alexei or (the one I'm sticking with) Alexey, in his native Russia it's Алексей Лесуков, this 5'6" 21 year old bodybuilding phenomenon is climbing up the ranks toward his pro card with a win at the 2009 Body-Xtreme on Halloween night in Frankfurt:

Alexey also competed at the Russian Championships and Grand Prix Athletics Alliance in the Fall, but as to his final placings, well top 5 I think at both shows but deciphering the details from the Russian sites, well it's not that easy, even with Google Translator:

I've shown the following clip before, but it's worth showing again since I think it shows this youngster's real potential in the sport, with his amazing muscle mass and thickness at such a young age in a few years he could well be the man to beat!


jockboy said...

what a fucking gorgeous dude! damn, he;s got the mass, the muscle, and the symmetry. those gold posing trunkis are BUSTIN big and thick, too -- i judge that cockhead a perfect 10, just like that sexy bubble ass ;)

Anonymous said...

a genetic freak, very impressive