Dec 21, 2009

Day 4: Fouad Abiad

After a disappointing non-placing at his first Olympia in 2008, Canadian Fouad rebounded in 2009 with a runner-up position at the Tampa Bay Pro and then 4th place at the Europa a week later. Still a little saddened that he didn't win a show this year (and many fans thought he should have placed higher in the two he did compete), on his blog Fouad wrote "I have come to realize that different judging panels like different physiques and there isn't much you can do except keep getting better until they like what you're bringin."

Fouad was originally intending on competing in the 2009 Olympia, but after the Europa decided against it. For 2010 he wants to compete on stage around 260lbs, a gain of 15lbs over 2009, and needs to take as much time as possible to gain the quality muscle he believes will put him in contention for the top spots next year.

And finally a look at Fouad back in 2008 at the Olympia. I am sure in 2010 he could be vying for one of the top spots at the big show. Good luck to you Hoss!


Musc said...

1000 x thanks for this beautiful photo seri of Fouad Abiad

is my favorite bodybuilder
what a stud :)