Dec 22, 2009

Day 3: Hidetada Yamagishi

With a "slow" 2008, when he only competed once (at the 2008 Atlantic City Pro where he placed 8th) after his December 2007 "incident" at LAX, 36 year old 5'5" Hidetada Yamagishi came back strong in 2009 entering 5 major contests, placing second in two of them and a strong 9th place finish in the Open class at the Olympia. At the 2009 Ironman Hide stormed out of the gate with a 4th place finish:

At the Europa Show of Champions in April he was the runner up to winner Troy Alves:

In May he placed 5th in New York, and here he is in the run up to the contest:

At the 2009 Atlantic City Pro in September he got second again this time to Gustavo Badell:

Hide is my most blogged about 'builder (this being the 26th entry he's appeared in, Ronny Rockel is runner up with a lowly 19 entries) and to finish here are pictures from the Olympia and the trailer from his new DVD (go buy it for yourself... or get it for me!):