Dec 5, 2009

Day 20: Rob Kreider

I am glad I "rediscovered" Rob when he "reappeared" at the Nationals last month, and somewhat surprised he didn't crack the top 15 from the pictures I saw from the show, and certainly from his "day after" photos:

Bodybuilding in DC does not have the same cachet as it does here in LA, and so my friends and I knew of Rob back there and thought him the shit! Now I'm in LA, close to Venice and the mecca of bodybuilding, Rob still stands up there with the best of them in the amateur ranks! Below are some shots from Rob's 2009 shoot with Claus Pelz, and then from his 2nd place light-heavy finish at the East Coast championships:


mySupplements said...

Thank you for the kind words in this post. I will be back on the National stage in 2010. North Americans, followed by Nationals.

Happy Holidays,

Creator of "mySupplements" iPhone application.

Anonymous said...

You can see from the pictures that Rob did his homework. He is one of the most dedicated competitors I have ever met.

Ralph "big boy"

mjh2008 said...

Rob, thanks for taking the time to comment here on the blog. Obviously you have a lot of fans out here who look forward to you stepping on stage in 2010!


Rob said...

2010 is going to another GREAT competitive year. I plan to make it better than 2009 !