Dec 30, 2009

Cedric McMillan: Teper's Amateur!

Lonnie Teper's "NPC Bodybuilder of the Year" was the 2009 Nationals super heavy and overall champ Cedric McMillan who, apparantly, just "edged" out Mark Alvisi (the heavyweight and overall champ from the NPC USA earlier in the year) to take the "title" because Cedric pretty much came out of nowhere to claim his win the Nationals (while Alvisi was a favourite long before the USAs).

Cedric just fell short of making my featured list (but then again neither did Alvisi), mainly because I knew so little of him... but my what a back!!!

Here's Cedric guest posing in 2008 at the South Carolina show, followed by some shots from his 2008 Junior USA win and then some post National beach shots for comparison:


jockboy said...

teper picked a good one, because this is one fine motherfucker. mass, muscle, symmetry, and a great stage presence. packed posers, too. HOT!