Nov 19, 2009

Up & Coming: Francisco Soriano

The young 23 year old Spainard Francisco Soriano, three weeks out from the 2009 WABBA World Championships in Budapest weighing in at 222lbs and getting ready to enter the Amateur Open Medium class.

Fran (or Franky) ended up placing 7th in his class, but in 2007 won the Junior class, while further back in 2004 he placed 3rd in both the Junior NAC Mr. Universe - NAC and Junior NAC World Championships. Other than that I don't know much about this guy, but I think he's got some future. Oh, but he did used to have a ponytail:


Anonymous said...

That first gym posing clip is working on me. My eyes are riveted to how hard is ass looks beneath that spandex. And he's so young!

douglas said...

hola soy de Chile sud America alguien tiene material de este men Francisco Soriano? saludos sordiales Douglas