Nov 13, 2009

Todd Jewell: 8 Days Out!

The monstrous 6' Jewell deadlifting 495lbs and then 545lbs just 8 days before stepping on stage next week at the Nationals in Hollywood, FL.

Weighing 272lbs at the USA Championships' in July, the 28 year old didn't place in his class. He had won the LA show earlier that month however and then in August he got fourth at the North Americans. In early October he did do a guest posing stint at the Washington Ironman.

Oh, and Jewell is a real hero, having thwarted a bank robbery in Seattle earlier in the year:


jockboy said...

jewell is a fucking MONSTER! those quads are enormous, and you gotta love that huge muscle ass on him! the dude is a fucking GOD.