Nov 23, 2009

Tamer El Guindy: Light Heavy, 3rd

Tamer El Guindy, brother of Terrick (who used to work at Gold's Hollywood, but is now at the one in Culver City), who at 5'7" 32 years old and 186lbs won his class at the NPC USA's in July, but then surprisingly (and maybe unfairly) was not awarded one of the pro cards given out at the contest (the recipients were overall champ Alvisi, super heavy Atoyan and middleweight Daryl Gee) despite his nigh-on perfect conditioning, certainly one of the most conditioned, if not the best at the championships. Tamer was however the consummate professional when talking about the decision with MD's Flex Wheeler and Shawn Ray, and then pretty much was straight back to the grind:

The Razor, as he is known for his superb conditioning, has steadily progressed in the USAs over the last few years, alternating between a middleweight ('05 and '07) and a light-heavy ('06 and '08). Early in his bodybuilding career when he lived in Seattle he competed at the Emerald Cup, placing 2nd in 2004.

Check out more pics of this pro in the making here or here and then visit Tamer's website by clicking here.


jockboy said...

this dude is fuckin hot.