Nov 8, 2009

Gotta Love Mark Dugdale!

After strolling in to the "athlete meeting fashionably late with a "Buzz Corp Cut" a MACH III Blade away from looking like [Shawn Ray] and Flex Wheeler in the "Dome" department" Dugdale placed 6th at Sacramento last night.

Apparently Dugdale has moved back to the Open division since he feels he has no where to go in the 202 class.

From the MD Play-by-Play:
Shawn Ray: Shaved head. Good color. Ass is cut up, XMAS Tree peaking through. Abs could be more cut, needs to be Wider! He may just be a bit too small here, should stick with 202lbs Division to get Justice he deserves. Not sure why he woudl go back to open Class these guys are still just too big for him. Will struggle to make top 5 but possible.
George Farah: He is in shape! Just needs to be a bit bigger but in very good shape!


Danny said...

Gotta love him. Very true. Mark just keeps looking better and better. I'm loving everything I see here. He established top of the line physique and I hope he continues in this direction.

jockboy said...

mark gets hotter every fucking year. awesome body, great looking, hot as hell.