Dec 10, 2009

Day 15: Ronny Rockel

With three top ten finishes this year, and a turn as the Predator, the 37 year old 5'6" German just seems to get better and better each year. One of my most blogged about 'builders (second only to Hide), Ronny is the man!

Two weeks out from the Olympia the big German looked like this:

And then on the big night placed 7th, his highest placing at the show and up from 14th in 2008:


jockboy said...

damn, ronnie looks good....that is a STUD. exudes total confidence on stage and in photo shoots -- and that is hot. bulge is as big as he is. lovin the scene in 1st vid with markus ruhl suckin ronnie's balloon cock --even ruhl would be a bitch for ronnie rockel ;)

now i'm ready for more HIDE ;)

Theo said...

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