Nov 6, 2009

Chris Genkinger: 3 Weeks Out

35 year old Chris Genkinger is hoping to turn round his competition fortunes at the Nationals later this month. The 5'10" heavyweight from Davenport, IA sadly didn't crack the top 15 at either of his last contests, the 2008 North American Championships and the 2007 NPC Junior National Championships, but at a very conditioned 231.5lbs three weeks out the big man is focusing on a top 10 result.

You can read more about Chris in an interview he did with The Hawk Eye in late 2007.


Danny said...

I only wish he had a little off-season look. More mass would really look great on him since he has that "bad ass mutha fucka" thing in his eyes. Other than that, everything else is pure perfection.

jockboy said...

yeah, and that bad ass mutha fucka thing is pretty hot ;)

Danny said...

Anybody seen his older pics? What a contrast. Link -

jockboy said...

holy fuck, he looks different -- completely! hard to believe it's the same fuckin dude!!

both of em are hot, though hehehe