Oct 19, 2009

Victor DelCampo: 5 Weeks to Nationals

Five weeks out from the 2009 NPC Nationals, Victor DelCampo, the 5'3" 31 year old gym manager and personal trainer from Chichester, PA is looking incredibly big for a welterweight. He has been competing around 160lbs, and placed 2nd at the 2008 USA in his class (backstage photos below the videoclip). At only 143lbs at the tender age of 25 Victor won the Bantamweight class at the 2003 NPC Junior USA Championships and is now trying to go pro. In addition to his website (which I'll be adding to the list) he has a particularly informative Wikipedia entry for an amateur.

Mission4muscle.com Frank defeo and Vic

www.frankdefeo.com | MySpace Video

And Victor is another builder to have done a NorthAmericanBodies shoot:


jockboy said...

Vic is one hot dude...very sexy.