Oct 5, 2009

Tito Raymond: AWFF

I briefly got to chat with 3-time NPC Team Universe champion Tito Raymond and his wife Amy Fadhli in line at the American Wine & Food Festival this weekend. Tito, the 5'8" 40 year old older brother of 202 Olympia competitor Jose, competed in the amateur ranks as a middleweight for most of his bodybuilding career (he did compete as a light-heavy in his final competition, the 2004 NPC USA). He is also a 2-time Musclemania winner.

Tito and Amy were both super nice. On discussing his brother's current placings in the 202 pro ranks he explained that Flex Lewis had actually called Jose after the Atlantic Pro and to say that his brother should have actually won that show (which I think many folks also thought). Doesn't that make you like Flex all the more? We also discussed the poor choice of haircut for his earlier shows this year (blame MuscleTech apparently). If Jose brings up his chest a little more, and with those quads, he'll be dominating the 202 in the next year or so!