Oct 31, 2009

Osama Ayoub: World Junior Champ

Osama Ayoub from Egypt, was the Junior Men's over 75kg and Overall Champion at the 2008 World Juniors and Masters Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships (which was held in Plzeň in the Czech Republic). Tonight he is going up against Russian wunderkind Alexey Lesukov at the Body-Xtreme International in Frankfurt, Germany where Olympia contender Phil Heath will also be guest posing.

Here is Osama in 2008:

Here he is in this hotel room shortly before the contest:

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to...Osama Ayoub...
...Congratulation to you that you can get 1st competition over 75 kg teen body building competition...you are so good posture and good bodybuilder...may i to be your friend...
...take care, good luck, good health for all this year and forever..............king.
...Osama Ayoub you can contact me at