Oct 23, 2009

Martin Allard: Light-Heavy Champ

The third time was a charm for the 38 year old Martin Allard from Montreal. The nutrition specialist at Montreal's Pro Gym weighed in at 198lbs and took the light-heavy title at the CBBF Nationals in Vancouver in August. In 2008 he had placed 2nd in the class, and in 2005 he was third.

Read more about Allard at Hebdo Rive Nord.


Anonymous said...

I love Canada!!!! Seems to be the muscle building capital of North
America.....wow,Vinette and Allard how could you pick a winner.
Allard needs a better choice of posing briefs.[must need to be velvet cause it's so cold]..guess nothing to do but workout with the cold and snow. I'm moving north. fmp

Anonymous said...

This dude looks like Chris Franjola on Chelsea lately.

Anonymous said...

could I get between those two and get some of that hug....please.