Oct 18, 2009

David Naugler: Fusion Man

I first took note of Canadian David Naugler from an Almost Perfect post earlier this Fall. The 38 year old from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia placed 7th in the middleweight division at the Canadian Championships in August. Back in 2006 he actually won the class, losing the overall to current IFBB pro Fouad Abiad, and then competed as a light-heavy the next two years, placing 4th at the 2008 World Championships (see video below). Dave is sponsored by Fusion supplements.

And these are from his 2008 North American Bodies shoot:


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting to see David on the Blog......there are some really outstanding bodybuilder coming out of Canada....lots of time to work out with the snow and all........hockey too.

mjh2008 said...

Thanks. It is harder to get info on the non-US amateurs out there and I've been trying to highlight some of the up and comers from across our northern border. I hope to do the same with some of the British amateurs in the future.

Anonymous said...

Also, was glad to see Mark Richman earlier....the guy really has it going on. Some youtube video of an interview with Mark and Canadian Bodybuilding radio. Don't remember if you posted it or linked it. Thanks for all the great work you do on the Blog....love love love it!!!!!

jockboy said...

damn, this dude is really rockin the posers ;)

Anonymous said...

The waist to shoulder proportion on David is incredible. Great flutes, quads, etc. and yes, he sure knows how posers are supposed to fit!!!