Sep 11, 2009

Whatever Happened To: Danny Hindalov?

The 31 year old 5'9" Swiss bodybuilder's website is still up and running, but there's been no updates since 2001 when he competed as a heavyweight in the World Championships in Myanmar and placed a respectable 8th, even though he was suffering from salmonella at the time and dropped down to 204lbs.

In 1998 at 198lbs:

In 2000 at around 220lbs:

In just a couple of years Hindalov had put on an awful lot of size, jumping up to between 250 to 270lbs off season. In 2001 at 23 he filmed a video for MuscleGallery, but then disappeared from the scene soon after that it seemed. A real pity because this guy was on the road to becoming a monster!


dallasmsl said...

As you state, he seems to have just disappeared even though his website is still up and running (someone must be paying for that, right?). I've written to him a couple of times and gotten a response only once but that was BEFORE he vanished off the radar screen. Since then, nothing. I only hope he is okay and what ever made him go into hiding goes away soon.
Dave Sanchez

Touchwood said...

He has a Facebook page and his pic makes him look a little fuller in the face, but then it has been 8 years!