Aug 13, 2009

Whatever Happened To: Greg Jones

The 5'9" fireman (at least he was when he did his Muscle Gallery shoots) and former Junior North Carolina State champ (in 2003) went on compete on the national level as a heavyweight, placing 4th at the NPC Nationals in 2004, somehow didn't place in 2005 and then got 6th at the NPC USA in 2006, after which he disappeared.

More of Greg can be found at Repetrope.


Anonymous said...

Last I'd heard from him, which was about nine months ago, he's a firefighter now and does a little bit of modeling on the side.

BigRedHammer said...

This seems to be the common life cycle for bodybuilders. They work hard and do well enough in competitions that it catches our attention. Then they either go pro or they disappear. I'm guessing most can only go so far before they go back to their regular life. This would be why the 40+ and 50+ age categories in competitions generally have so few competitors.

ivanko34 said...

He was great
I hope we will see him again bigger

phxpaul said...

I think he's married too. Work, training, marriage, maybe he just ad to give something up. Maybe he put competing on hold.

Anonymous said...

I agree: sometimes real life (spouse, work, children, etc) takes precedence. Besides, bodybuilding is a hobby for most men; few earn a living at it.