Aug 16, 2009

Robert Piotrkowicz: Up to 5th!

"Cut Quads, need more size. Abs cut, he is great condition, calves and back are good! Wide BACK!"
~ Shawn Ray, MD's Europa Play-by-Play

Rising 10 placings in a week! The big Pole took 5th yesterday in Dallas, up from 15th just a week ago at his IFBB Pro debut in Tampa. Picked for the first call-out (along with eventual winner Dennis Janes, Bill Wilmore and Joel Stubbs, and totally flooring last week's runner up Fouad) in the prejudging, Piotrkowicz ultimately "faded" to 5th at the evening show:

"Branch Warren: Needs more Hams. Needs more Legs period."
"Shawn Ray: Little to no oil? Good call outs last night. Michael Jax "Dirty Diana" Good condition, looks good from the side just hit the basic poses nothing special but looks really good, the crowd likes him."

I'm sure will be seeing a lot more of him in the the future, as I believe this qualifies him for the Olympia!!! But for his recent placings click over to MD or RxMuscle.