Aug 25, 2009

Mark Richman: Canadian Heavy!

Mark Richman, the Ontario based heavyweight who's been working with fellow Canadian pro Fouad Abiad, who at 206lbs handily beat the better known Antoine Vaillant into 4th place. His third time at the Canadian Nationals, Mark placed 2nd in 2007 and 4th last year, though both years he competed as a light-heavy. Back in 2007 he was the light-heavy and the overall champion at the Ontario Championships, but he has also been seen on this side of the border having entered the North Americans in 2008, finishing 15th in the heavies.


dallasmsl said...

That's the kind of physique I want!

nick said...

DUDE! this is my teacher!! ahaha! thats awesome!

Anonymous said...

The dude is a huge steroid junkie and teaches those who pay for his programs to overdose by upping the steriods you should do to lethal amounts. He is a fucking douche and an idiot trainer as his wife has even suffered liver failure and went back on the damn juice. Stupid people - Surprize if they live past 45