Aug 31, 2009

Hide Yamagishi: 5 Weeks

It's been a little quiet on the Hide front lately, but now as he is prepping for the Atlantic City (and then the Olympia) we see the 220lbs 5'4" monster dropping a couple of pounds to 218lbs in just a few days as he hardens up for competition.

And here are his trainer and friend Milos Sarcev's thoughts on the Japanese bodybuilder from his forum:

"Hide keeps improving in all the right places...Not just that he is getting bigger and better - but he truly pays attention to details and considers every important aspect of competitive bodybuilding...His shape is becoming outstanding with better balance and stunning symmetry, size overwhelming and I honestly believe that just few weeks from now - world of bodybuilding will finally recognize Hide as true "superstar" - and not just one of the better competitors but (mark my words) - one of the ELITE IFBB pros - who will enter every contest with only one intention - to win...regardless of who else is entering particular contest. If I tell you guys that in my opinion Hide could/should/will make the TOP SIX at the Olympia - would you suggest me to ease up on drugs, alcohol, hallucinogenic fat-burners mixed with euphoric multi-vitamins..."

"Well - nobody took me seriously when I said that Gustavo could/should/would shock the world at the 2004 Mr. Olympia - and easily make top six...And when I said top six - I didn't mean sixth place finisher...but any place within top six...and he finished third...(two years in a row...)...Or similar scenario that i suggest would happen with Dennis Wolf in 2007 (after not making top 15 previous year I would bet anyone willing to put serious money - that Wolf will make top six even if he takes a nap on the stage....And I claimed that he was good enough to win that show - and many people saw him winning 2007 Mr. Olympia - if political round wouldn't be so important..."

"Anyway, when I started training Hide - many people were suggesting he'll never qualify for Mr. Olympia - and I offer to bet that he WILL qualify within ONE year -since he started training with me...and he did just that...(actually he almost pulled the miracle in last show of 2006 - in Holland - narrowly missing Olympia qualification by a single spot and very few points - placing fourth - behind Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cuttler and Ronnie Rockel..."

"So, get ready to see MORE of this exceptional athlete, and don't be surprised if you see him in final posedown of 2009 Mr. O..."