Aug 7, 2009

Grigori Atoyan: Pro Debut

It seems as if Grigori Atoyan, one of the three new IFBB pros crowned at the NPC USA's on July 25th, will be making his pro debut this weekend in Tampa.

Placing first in the super heavy weight class in Vegas, Atoyan lost the overall championship title to heavyweight Mark Alvisi, but was award one of two additional pro cards along with middleweight Daryl Gee. Of course there was controversy since it appeared that light-heavy winner Tamer El-Guindy was unfairly overlooked, and that the judges had awarded freaky size over freaky conditioning. But you know what Atoyan has payed his dues and El-Guindy will surely get his pro card in the not too distant future!


dallasmsl said...

What can I say??? GREAT PHYSIQUE. Extremely Symmetrical.