Aug 30, 2009

Armon Adibi: Only 10th?

That's it? Only 10th in the heavies at the North American's yesterday! Crazy!

Over at the MD forums play-by-play Flex Wheeler thought that Armon was "Rock hard," while Shawn Ray complimented his "Deep dark tan! Shapely body, good poser, very wide back!"

OK, so he colored and conditioned to perfection. As hard as a rock, and pretty much perfect from the waist up! His legs however probably need a bit more work to even out what is going to be a truly complete physique!


dallasmsl said...

I agree. He was probably symmetrical until he over-built his upper body and neglected to do the same to his legs. I'm not saying he neglected his legs, only that they didn't come up to par with his upper body. Yes, I would kill to have his body! LOL