Aug 27, 2009

Abbas Khatami: The Persian Missle

I was considering Abbas for a "whatever happened to" post: he'd not competed since 2007 (when he placed 4th in the heavies at the NPC Nationals); his personal website had gone offline; and I hadn't heard hide nor hair of the big guy in the last year or so it seemed. But then on Monday he suddenly reappeared on the forums and in a pre-contest video over at MD.

The 5'8" 34 year old has been competing since the mid-90s, a former Mr. California (in 1999), he has fluctuated between the heavyweight and super heavy classes (winning the super heavies at the North Americans in 2004). It looks like he'll be going after the super heavy win again this weekend at the North Americans in Cleveland, OH.

Pictures below are from the Nationals in 2007 (competing as a heavy weight, placed 4th) and then the North Americans in 2006 (where he placed 3rd as a super heavy):