Jul 3, 2009

Steve Namat: Dexter Jackson Classic

Hungarian Steve is preping for both the Dexter Jackson Classic (in Jacksonville, FL) on August 1st and then the Tampa Pro show on the 8th. He'll be competing in the 202 class again, hoping to crack the top three (he was 6th in Tampa in 2008) so he can get a invite to the Olympia. Here he is back the middle of April and then on the last day of June:


Danny said...

I think he looks much better with short hair. But damn, just look at that bulge. Seems like Mr. Hungary has a monster inside.

dallasmsl said...

I agree on both points! "Is that a sock in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"

BIGHAKAN said...

If that BULGE is real...well...all I can say is that I envy those lucky ones on the receiving end !!! WHAT A MAN !!!!