Jul 15, 2009

Brian Yersky: Road to the USA

Brian Yersky, the 5'10" 27 year old super heavyweight placed third at the Junior Nationals in June, and is now about 10 days out from the NPC USA in Vegas. 2007 has so far Brien's best contest year when he won his classes at both the the Junior California and the NPC Teen & Collegiate Nationals Championships (he lost the overall at the latter to Casey Fathi).

Over at RxMuscle there is a clip of Brian training and posing two weeks out, while below are some shots from a photo shoot just after the Junior Nationals and from his 2008 Junior Nationals contest (where he placed 4th but looks great and beat Trey Brewer).


dallasmsl said...

GREAT LEGS! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

27? he looks 50 doesn't he?