Jun 26, 2009

Jonathan Delarosa: Champion!

Comments during the light-heavy callouts and then the final summation from MD's Play-by-Play with Shawn Ray and Mike Liberatore:

"Looks like he may have this class from here! Balance, Dark and conditioned. Very "Vic Martinez" like structure. His condition needs to be sharper but his shape might carry him here, will see............." ~ Shawn Ray

"Great shape, still needs to be harder. Could use another coat of color. His shape carries him." ~ Mike Liberatore

"While Jon Delarosa had the best Overall Package, he is dripping with "Potential & Youth!" A year ago this guy didn't make the top 10 of the Atlantic States Championships and turns his world upside down by putting his nose to the grind stone for a year and returns this past May to win the same show and advance to Chicago for the Lt Hvy Title and Overall Victory! Nothing short of amazing but a true test of Will and Fortitude! Jon was not someone that was considered a Front Runner to win either of these shows coming into this year which makes this feat even more impressive to all those in attendance! Jon built himself an indestructible TEAM with his father, Victor and other guys who wanted this kid to become a Champion Bodybuilder. Now, he has the time to reevaluate what he has accomplished, smell the Roses so to speak for a bit and if he is smart, train closer to his "Contest Weight" and return next Summer or Fall for the USA or National Title. Me personally, if I were Jon, I'd set my sites on the Nationals which then would allow his body sufficient time for rest , recovery and growth. His muscles will mature and he will will be more dangerous on the road to a Pro Card but it will be his decision as many felt while he won, he will need to be "Harder and more Detailed" to battle the Big Boys for a Pro Card!" ~ Shawn Ray


Danny said...

He could indeed be another Victor Martinez, or at least close to it. Nice package, both from the front and the back. Wish him all the best.