Jun 29, 2009

Jiří Borkovec: 2009 Musclemania

Czech Jiří Borkovec placed second in the heavyweight class at the 2009 Musclemania Universe in Miami, FL on June 20th. The married 22 year old weighed in at 211lbs for the contest, deciding to compete in the open category rather than the juniors. Back in 2007 Jiří won the Junior class at the Musclemania Superbody, in 2006 he won Bohemia Juniors Nationals and he was the Czech Republic Teenage Nationals champ in 2004.

Jiří was a little upset at his placing, but due to the stress of the long journey to the US he did not feel 100%. And the guy who beat him, Antwaun Smith, ultimately won the overall. Oh, well he can be found over at Muscle Gallery until he competes again in the US.


Anonymous said...

One of the problems he's got--which is common with new competitors--is that his posing trunks are too big. You can especially see that in the first photo. It makes him look like he's wearing women's panties.

Anonymous said...

i saw that guy antwaun smith at a photoshoot in LA with his family member kevin levrone he has a great physique. his pics were at www.thecompletefisique.com, i heard he was putting on 30lbs and going npc..

GeorgeTSLC said...

Would that be http://thecompletephysiqueinc.com/ (which is "temporarily unavailable" at the moment? I suspect it's not http://completephysiquewv.com/ which aims at female physiques.

In any case, a Net search finds tons of shots of him. (As well as lots of guys who aren't him, but that's always the pattern.)