Jun 2, 2009

Antoine Vaillant by Comstock

Another Bill Comstock photo shoot over at MD, this time around up and coming Canadian bodybuilder 21 year old Antoine Vaillant, who after two first place finishes as a Junior at the 2006 and 2007 Canadian Championships, fell to 2nd at the 2008 Quebec Provincial Championships, and then to 10th as a super-heavy at the Canadian Championships. Looks pretty damn good here though!


Anonymous said...

Antoine looks great in this photo shoot, of course. I wonder how he'd look at 6'2...........true Brutal Muscle!! I don't know what it is with leaving a name, but needing some account to do it.

Robert James

dallasmsl said...

Such Symmetry and power at the same time. Stunning - literally a work of art.

Anonymous said...

Ne needs to be fucked so hard his pecs bounce.