May 13, 2009

Evan Centopani: NY Pro Hopeful

Evan Centopani, the 5'11" 27 year old super heavy last competed at the 2007 NPC Nationals Championships winning his class, the overall, and his IFBB pro card. Weighing in around 240lbs, he was about 20lbs heavier than when he won his first contest, the 2005 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States. Evan will make his pro debut in 2009 at the New York Pro this weekend having apparently added another 20lbs of quality muscle. He is currently working with Oscar Ardon on his training and diet, having previously worked with Dave Palumbo.

"Ardon’s approach is more holistic in that sense, because he likes to address all the aspects of prep: diet, training, and your mentality... I’ve always trained hard, but Oscar is really big on pushing to total failure. He also personalizes the workouts based on your physique and what areas need more work. Another aspect of Ardon’s approach that I appreciate is that before coming up with my diet, he wanted to know which foods agreed with me and which ones didn’t, rather than just saying eat this, this, and that."

MDTV has recently added a two part video series by Bill Comstock with Evan about his food preparation during the off season as he got ready for the 2009 New York Pro. Here's Part 1 and Part 2. While below here Evan is back in 2007 winning his pro card.