Mar 14, 2009

Ivan Sadek: Aussie Grand Prix, 5th

Due to the time difference, and it already being Sunday "Down Under," the results of the 2009 Australian Pro Grand Prix, held Saturday night at Dallas Brooks Hall in Melbourne are already in. Maybe not surprisingly Arnold champ Kai Greene took first, Silvio in second, Toney Freeman third and in his pro debut, Mike Kefalianos (who placed 3rd in the heavies at the Arnold Amateur) was fourth.

In fifth was crowd favorite, Ivan Sadek from Australia. Qualified as a pro back in 2004 at the NPFC/IFBB Australasia Championships, Ivan was also the 2003 NABBA Southern Hemisphere, champ in the Medium-Tall class.

Craig Lucas at Bodybuilding's Contest Blog described Ivan's bringing the house down thus:
"Posing to a classic operatic tune that he probably borrowed off his mate Luke Wood, Ivan’s posing was slow and deliberate and he gave his fans plenty to cheer about. He then amped things up with a hip-hop tune and had the crowd clapping along while he posed. He looked great for his Pro debut and certainly doesn’t lack size. Once he refines his physique a bit more he will look even better."

Up next, guest posing on the 21st at the 2009 March IFBB Australasia (along with fellow pros Toney Freeman and Mike Kefalianos) at the Cronulla Sharkies Leagues Club in Cronulla.

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