Jul 23, 2014

Frank McGrath: 260lbs!

Rob Kreider: 2014 NPC Masters, O35, 10th

Sunday's legs were those of over 35 NPC Masters' competitor (and N2B fav) Rob Kreider.

Alejandro Cambronero: 3 Weeks Out!

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Blair Mone: 2013 NPC USA, Super Heavy, 4th

After taking off some time to wrestle, and then placing 11th in 2011, Mone came back hard 'n' heavy in 2013 finishing 4th at the USA (and and 6th at the North Americans).

Jul 22, 2014

Kevin Tomasini: 2011 NPC USA, Super Heavy, 11th

The big, bald Tomasini, 2008 Excalibur superheavy and overall champion! Tomasini placed 11th (???) at his last NPC USA.