Nov 23, 2014

Sunday Worship!

Nov 19, 2014

Alexis Rivera Rolon: 3 Days Out!

Hadi Choopan: 2014 Worlds, 85Kgs, 1st

Sunday's guy was 2014 World Amateur Championships 85kg (middleweight) class winner Hadi Chopan from Iran.

Jordan Janowitz: 8 Days Out!

Recent video and older pictures of the 2013 Michigan light0heavy champion who was runner up in his class at the 2014 North American. All by Jeffry Sygo.

Matthew Evans: 2013 NPC Nationals, Supers, 3rd

32 year old Matthew Evans from San Jose, CA placed 3rd in the supers at last year's Nationals (and after not evening placing in 2012).