Aug 21, 2014

Joey Pyontka: 16 Days Out!

Another 23 year old Canadian getting ready for the upcoming Nationals, Montreal's Joey Pyontka.

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Marc-Antoine Andrade: 10 Days Out!

From MD, Marc training 10 days out from the 2014 North Americans. Follow him on Instagram.

David Hoffmann: Those Legs

The legs from the Sunday post a couple of weeks ago were those of German heavy David Hoffmann who placed behind Roman Fritz and Petar Klančir at the 2014 Amateur Olympia Europe.

These shots from Team-Andro are from his June trip to L.A. and a stop by at Gold's Venice to practice with Chris Cormier.

Aug 20, 2014

Guy Cisternino: ALS, Ice Bucket Challenge

Aaron Clark: 5 Weeks Out, 225lbs!

From Instagram.

Todd Whitting: 2012 North Americans, Heavies, 15th