Oct 31, 2014

Armon Adibi: 2014 Titans Heavyweight!

4.5 weeks out from the Nationals above, Adibi returns to competition after 2.5 year break due to two shoulder surgeries. On October 18 the 30 year old won the heavies at the 2014 NPC Titans Grand Prix.

Halloween: Muscle, Monsters & Masks

Oct 30, 2014

Anthony Sciaretta: 15 Days Out!

And one day earlier at 202.6lbs!

Dániel Tóth: 2 Days Out!

Mike Kefalianos: 5 Days Out!

Oct 28, 2014

Andy Polhill: 2014 NABBA Universe, Pro, 3rd

Scotsman Andy placed 3rd in the NABBA Universe pro division this past weekend behind Dave Titterton, the overall champ, and Tony Mount.